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This timely ­ gave me the chance to reach my place a in Pennsylvania. on arrival there I started writing off letters with sheets. Having written off their number, I, through Urim and Tummim, translated some of them, having made it in time between our arrival in the house of the father of my wife in December and February.

1 We believe in literal collecting of Israel and in restoration of ten knees, that Zion (New Jerusalem) will be founded on the American continent that Christ will personally reign on Earth and that Earth will be updated and will receive the paradise glory

In view of the fact that I to claim that I saw vision, prosecution on me did not stop, and the family of my father-in-law strongly against our marriage. Therefore, I was compelled to with it in other place, and so we got married in the house of an eskvayr of Tarbill in Saut-Bainbridge, Cheyonango's county, New York. I left to after my marriage work at Mr. Stoul and, having returned to a to the father, worked with it on a farm all season.

1 We trust that we have to be honest, true, pure, kind, virtuous and be good to all people; truly we can tell that we follow Pavel's manual: We trust everything we hope for everything a lot of things transferred and we hope that we will be able to transfer everything. If there is something virtuous, fine, worthy respect or a praise - we aspire to all this.

On the fifth of April one thousand ­ the twenty ninth a certain Oliver Kauderi whom until then I never saw, came to me to the house. He told me that was the teacher at school of that where there lived my father, and that that sent the children to his school, and that he some time lived in the house of my father where members of our family of a to it, at what I received sheets, and that he came to ask me on it.

Once, in February, above-mentioned Harris came to us and, having taken the letters which are written off by me from sheets, went with them to the city of New York. That happened to it and to, I provide in his story about all event as he gave him to me on a home.

Following it, we went and were christened. At first I it, and then he christened me. After that I assigned hands to his head and devoted it in Aaronovo's Priesthood, and then he assigned hands to me and devoted me in the same Priesthood — because so there was to us Vedeno.

false hearings all the time ­ about a family of my father and about me. If I could tell at least one thousand part them, it would the whole volumes. became before that we with the wife were compelled to leave Manchester and to move to the county Susquehanna, the State of Pennsylvania. When we to the road, we were poor and so strongly pursued before that would never overcome this difficulty if one kind person by the name of Martin Harris who came to us on ­ done not and gave us on the road fifty dollars. Mr. Harris was the resident of the town of Palmyra, the county Wayne, the State of New York, the farmer using a big.