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In the analysis of possible options of a of investment resources (both internal, and external) it is necessary to solve as a result two problems — search of sources of money and a choice of an form of their accumulation which ­ to consider in common.

was exposed to washing out as a result of new share issues and potential investors had an access to information on a financial position of the company. The changes allowing judges to publish a judicial ban on the basis of decisions of the conventional arbitration courts have to be made to the Procedural code.

Jotas unequal conditions of the competition are often created by the regional authorities for the solution of any social tasks, eventually low all-economic indicators do to the social sphere more harm, than advantage.

payback period - the investment project - term from the date of the beginning of financing of the investment project about one day when the difference between the saved-up sum of net profit with depreciation charges and volume of investment expenses gains positive value.

The analysis of structure of already attracted direct investments first of all shows their very narrow branch orientation. The lion's share of such investments goes or to export-oriented branches (energy industry / including petrochemistry/, the mining industry, woodworking and pulp and paper industry), or to extremely profitable projects with small payback periods and an insignificant capital intensity (trade, telecommunications, public catering, construction of office and hotel buildings in the large cities, the food industry, financial services).

The FPG at creation focused on innovative production, and also which are most consolidating the capitals show the steadiest growth of the main economic indicators. The greatest number of such groups functions in branches of mechanical engineering, the chemistry and petrochemistry light for industry, building industry, the defensive industry and agrarian and industrial complex.

the sums of money received by the foreign investor in connection with liquidation of the commercial organization with foreign investments or branch of foreign legal entity or alienation of the invested property, property rights and exclusive rights to results of intellectual activity;

It is necessary to recognize that one of conditions of conducting effective investment activity is the developed investment infrastructure serving this segment of the market. Without belittling the importance of other factors, we will note that realities of domestic business demand the solution of a problem of creation of investment infrastructure.

creation of really operating system of privileges for foreign investors in separate branches and regions (in particular, realization of the mechanism of the section of production and creation of really operating free economic zones);

stocks of the largest oil and gas extraction enterprises, enterprises of nonferrous metallurgy, the pulp and paper industry and some other raw branches considerably focused on export of the production, and also serving export of sea shipping companies;

Situation in real sector such is that only units of the enterprises are really ready to conducting investment activity, and the vast majority needs actions for restructuring, statement of Financial and management accounting and without their carrying out cannot enter the investment market.

It causes need of identification of opportunities and conditions of mobilization of free external resources as without involvement of volumes of additional investments of a of technical progress, introductions of new technologies and replacement of the old equipment by the unreal.

For the states interested in inflow of foreign investments participation in multilateral international agreements which are urged to provide protection of the rights of investors and to reduce possible risks which they bear in connection with capital investments in other countries has a certain value.

Considering these circumstances, it is possible to claim that institutional reforms which in a measure are carried already out, cannot ­ finished without creation of the competitive financial sector urged to and provide to the reformed economy investment resources (sources) for its and development.