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Abroad booking and reservation of tourist services on the Internet became an integral part of technology of advance and a of a tourist product and the real competition for tourism organizations.

Now the Internet is the most powerful Information and technological system in the world. It is used for various branches of human activity, including needs of the individual user.

The section "On tre rood" (in ­, making practical recommendations about the different countries is useful to individual tourists., "How to travel across Alaska" or "As in Japan to avoid the cappuccino cup for S 6".

It is possible to tell definitely that the Internet gives to opportunities for granting and a of the tourist product unprecedented earlier in the world community. Thus even the small firm at competent carrying out an advertizing campaign can reach considerable results.

Potential clients and visitors who did not get on an exhibition will be able at office or houses to receive detailed information on, an arrangement of stands, the list of participants, the description of types of a of firms.

In general, the Web technology offers a certain concept of representation of information services to consumers. In a word it can be characterized as the concept of the publication of information. It differs in the following features: