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There is no final doctrine or dogma because there cannot be absolute truth, there cannot be even absolute Buddha in the face of inconstancy. The Buddhist doctrine is focused on human realities. Its purpose — elimination of the feeling of disappointment and inadequacy generated by limited, egoistical consciousness. At the beginning of this chapter were quoted Buddha who advised the to followers to avoid a support on reputation or verbal art of teachers, and to rely on own judgment and experience. The final criterion in a zen — is experience. If the doctrine and discipline seek to make people more mature, more responsible and fuller human beings — it is the good Buddhism.

Later so small time after that events it everything that you understand concerning it — he told, softly smiling. — But as you will continue training, a lot of things will become deeper and clearer for you as result of it. The world in you will become deeper. Re-read this conversation about Shakyamuni Buddha: you did not know that you could make it, and you know that it proceeds not from your intelligence, and I did not tell you it; who told you it?

Already so far he spoke, I completely understood that he means. Any part me cannot be rejected. Any emotion, any feeling, any thought, any word is not such that it did not proceed on Wuma Buddha. I told it to it, and it continued:

It is not to be rather good or rather bad. You would receive it immediately but as you — the foreigner and the woman, he wants to be absolute and sure that nobody will accuse him that it did something that it actually did not do. He is afraid to carry out Transfer that did not say that he made it too early. It is clear if to consider difficulties which he met already because accepted you here.

Usually we believe that things round us are eternal also ourselves too. Try to act as though you do everything last time as though tomorrow you leave somewhere very far so all — people whom you meet, sunset which see — last time. Or otherwise: live today as though tomorrow you will die, understanding that all of you do last time.

Meditation can be considered first of all as a way of creation of rest and feeling of the aligned realization, not - involvement in the thoughts and emotions. If you started like this state during quiet sitting, you can start extending this state and for the period of external activity.

It is easier to begin from an o'clock of a simple physical activity — washing of ware, cooking, etc. Cerebration is more difficult, and conversation — is even more difficult. Extending such practice to the most part of activity of day you will feel where you are more vulnerable. Make the list of such situations and look about what this list speaks to you.

This widespread misunderstanding. However, that this certificate the master that someone as he knows, understood the own nature, but that it is given when the master is sure that the pupil is so occupied the with training that believes that it begins every minute his lives, but does not think that it is already ended. In other words, not when the pupil believes that he is already clarified and more he has nothing to do. When he thinks about going, but not of the reached.

Unless does not assume that the pupil worried great (an enlightenment before it can take place. Everything that happened to me in October — only understanding of that I cannot do anything other, except how to study every day my life, and that I — the worst pupil among everything.