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Audit of economic activity which the analysis of economic activity of the organization consists in systematic, carried out for definite purposes is rather close to administrative audit. This type of audit is called sometimes audit of overall performance or administrative management and the organization. At audit of economic activity it is supposed that the auditor has to conduct objective examination and make the comprehensive analysis of certain kinds of activity.

systemically the focused audit. Auditor examination of a pas to a basis of the analysis of system of internal control. It is proved that if the system of internal control works effectively, it is not necessary to carry out a detailed inspection because somewhat it is possible to trust system of internal control in disclosure of mistakes and violations. Where control is inefficient, to the client recommendations are made how to improve system;

Internal auditors are the employees who are in the staff of the enterprise and subordinated to its management. Problems of internal audit are defined by the management, proceeding from requirements of management as divisions of the enterprise, and the enterprise in general.